Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dowelmax Doweling Jig - For Making Fast, Accurate Dowel Joints - An Overview

What I'd like to do with this post is to show you a video on how easy it is to use the Dowelmax doweling jig system. And it is a system. You'll see with all the pieces you get you will be making precise dowel joints that are stronger than the traditional mortise and tenon joint.

Dowelmax is easy to use, accurate and takes less preparation time than the mortise and tenon joint.

Fast - With clear instructions on the included instructional DVD you'll be making strong dowel joints that are just as strong as the mortise and tenon joints that you would have traditionally made before. In less time!

Easy - Check marks are used to reference faces of your material and matched to the check marks on the jig. There's no fuss about how long your piece should be. If the side skirt of your table is 36 inches then the piece you make it from is 36 inches. No adding extra wood. No sneaking up to dimensions with your table saw.

Accurate - The jig itself is machined to +/- .001" tolerances for precise joinery. A distance gauge is included to accurately drill matching dowel pin holes over longer distances. Ideal for making wide panels for table tops or kitchen cabinet doors.

Strong - Included with your Dowelmax is a booklet with some destructive tests comparing different types of joints. Dowelmax is compared in strength tests to mortise and tenon joints, biscuit joints, double loose tenon joints and pocket hole screw joints. Videos on the strength tests can be seen on their web site. Clearly, the Dowelmax joint beats them all.

The Dowelmax was invented to simplify the creation of strong, perfect joints for building furniture. You can read my review about this precision engineered joining system here.